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The Blog www.energymaterials.hzbblog.de is a place, where we mention nice papers of HZB scientists, too specialized for the mass media, but really interesting for colleagues and experts. We also might link to relevant articles in science journals and we would be glad if you want to contribute to this blog.

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  • 11. 01 2018

    Romania ? Our first CALIPSOplus visit

      Romania joined the European Union in 2007, continuing to be one of the poorest of its member states ? for comparison, Germany?s GDP is currently ?38 000 whereas Romania?s is instead ?8 600. However through education and research a way to a better future can be paved. It was for this reason that we went on the road in October 2017. We wanted to tell our Romanian colleagues about the different possibilities that European light sources offer to their research, and about which funding possibilities they could apply for. Hardly any of them were aware that the use of the facilities is free ofRead More →Der Beitrag Romania ? Our first CALIPSOplus visit erschien zuerst auf Energymateria [...].
  • 21. 12 2017

    Beautiful science: how nanoparticles change in water

    Nanoparticles are tiny, really tiny. Only a fraction of a micrometer or some nanometers in size. And only some thousands of molecules strong,  their properties can differ dramatically from those of their larger cousins. Titaniumdioxide, a whitish powder, can form such nanoparticles. In water, these nanoparticles can act as catalysts, when excited with light. and facilitate water splitting or water remediation. However, what happens exactly when TiO2 and water get into contact and which impact this is having on the electronic structure of TiO2 remained in the dark: it is very tricky to probe nanoparticle?water interface experimentally and to observe changes. Soft X-rays at BESSYRead More U [...].
  • 14. 12 2017

    Risky research: PhD students under pressure

    Altmetrics just published the list of the top 100 scientific articles of 2017, which attracted the most online attention. None of the articles in the top 100 is dealing with materials research. Nevertheless, already the second most spread article is concerning us as well: It is a study on mental health of PhD students. The paper was spread more than 7000 times by twitter, posted 117 times on facebook and quoted in more than 20 online-articles. And it is giving food for thought: Every third PhD suffering seriously According to the study “Work organization and mental health problems in PhD students”, published in Research Policy,Read More →Der Beitrag Risky research: PhD stud [...].